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Tyler St. James and Dereck Fox are good buddies, usually performing next to each other once or twice a week at the very least but Tyler have not been present recently. During the course of todays routine Tyler will not cease speaking about the club babe he came across that is also the main reason that he has begun forgetting workout routines with his best friend. Dereck informs Tyler that he shagged her also not considering that it would be such a big deal, though it happens to be a HUGE deal causing Tyler directly into a uncontrollable fit of anger. Tyler pushes Dereck assuring him that the only real way to make this up to him is to let Tyler fuck him hard

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Tyler St. James has profit troubles. His parents recently died and left him a attractive cabin in the forest, but now the local tax collector is after him for the cabin carry-over. Tyler would really like to keep this cabin so he has determined to offer up personal training to make a bit additional profit. So today are his very first date. Tyr Alexander is a thirsty bottom, the day that he discovered that the bulk of muscleman down his street was proposing personal training and was hopeless for cash he signed up. Tyr purpose are little about jogging and a lot of gagging on his trainer’s cock, not even 5 minutes into the exercise he’s already inviting a more in person service. Tylercharitable explains in his erotic accent that he’s not that character of personal trainer and want to come back to business, only Tyr does not end his approaches. At last in a fit of emotion and wrath Tyler snaps loosing a buried rage, Tyr could have gotten much more than he was after.

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Exclusive model Johnny Rapid and Tyler St. James is sitting on the casting lounge ready and waiting for a showgirl to come on so they can fuck her both on camera. The managing director finally tells them both that the girl is a nonattender and that they do not have a replacement for her today. The director likewise tells Johnny and Tyler that if they’d be conformable to horse around with one another the shoot will carry on and the pay check will be double up. So ofcoz these two hot men are ready for some action.

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This is actually pleasant! Among the most hottest and sexiest bottom boys, Tyler St.James, is back to do a lot of porn scenes with MEN.COM. Oh, and did I bring up that Tyler James also has an astonishing hard muscular body. Not too flimsy, not too big, just perfect (in my belief).In the latest video, from Str8 to Gay Tyler get to have his way with Ridge Michaels.